I am a 19 year old artist of Indian origin born and based in Kolkata, though many of my school years were spent at a boarding school in Dehradun.

When I was a child, I grew up gaining inspiration from the creativity with which my mother would make and gift things, especially how she managed to produce the most beautiful things, sometimes even from scrap. As I was my parents first child, I was made to join a variety of classes from around the age of 3 which included drawing and craft classes. Soon, I picked up the creative quality of my mother, painted a lot in school and won various prizes for art and craft. My real development in this sphere happened when I was away at boarding school as it was the time I learnt most of the artistic skills I possess today as well as gained a lot of exposure. 

I have received several prizes at the All India level and am a shortlisted winner in a competition organized by The Arts University, Bournemouth, UK. I have also received the Art Award for Excellence from my school.

Apart from painting, illustration, sketching and sculpture, I am an amateur baker and photographer. Sometimes I go for salsa classes and when I was small, I played the piano.
One day, I hope to become a great artist and a source of inspiration for people. I believe in dreams and that every dream can become a reality. 

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