A Start

7:56 pm

Hello and welcome to my blog!!!

I am an artist exploring my creative side. Art is something that has been a part of my life for a very long time and it is what makes me happy.

The idea for a blog sprung up because I always felt the need to share with people not just the art I make but also my creative inspirations. On this blog, you will read about my take on creativity, seeing differently and about turning ideas into reality. I would like to share with you my work and learning over the years but with my own creative twist to it.

Join me on this journey and be ready for a creative transformation as you watch me create and inspire with my painted ideas.

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  1. Purvi congrats for starting a beautiful blog. Indeed art is the heart of the matter of Creativity.

    The whole outlook of the blog has been brilliantly done. Every blog has a personality and that matters a lot as you start connecting to the fellow bloggers in the blogosphere. Stayed focused on your unique personality.

    Yes, "Painted Ideas", is indeed a great idea to give a head start to the blog post. Titles are important, so are the pictures and the colour combination, and your choice of colour is very soothing to eyes. The way you have described your briefing is profound and powerful...blogging should be on subject we love and are really happy about doing it, as you are passionate about your painting and creative engagement with the world around. It will beautifully reflected in your blog, you will cherish every bit of it and patience is key to blogging and never compromise on the quality of content...

    Let me know for any inputs or suggestion you need.
    Best Wishes...:D

    1. Thank you so much Nihar Uncle !
      I am so grateful for all this wonderful advice that you have given me ! Of the best things to happen to someone new on the block, one is to hear such motivational words from the start. I am already beginning to enjoy and love this new experience. I will definitely turn to you for advice for future posts and it is a pleasure to have my work reviewed by someone who understands so well what it means to be creative. :)

    2. Always my pleasure Purvi...
      take care!!!

  2. Hey, Purvi!
    This is a great start to your blog. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. :)

  3. Good start, be focused - Best of Luck!


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