Come Alive

11:07 am

Illustrated reality with a touch of imagination.
-"Fruit in a basket" Watercolor on Cartridge sheet-
Sometimes, our minds decide to shut off all their doors and plunge us into a silent interval called night. On nights like these, our eyes search for stars, and in this state of searching and moving, fireflies are born; fireflies which like ideas, travel up our skin and into our tender spots, and like little specks of revelation, illuminate us with wonder once again.

This great disclosure calls for a following plan. Once we have dived and drowned  in the sea of thought and managed to cram our little brains with bits and pieces of light, it’s time to take one step forward- time for Step Two. After the idea is in place, it’s time to bring out the fishing tackle, catch the right fish and start cooking.

One of the few great blessings of being freelancers, especially in creative fields is having total control over one’s creative freedom. One works as they like. I'm a visual artist and while creating, I look for visual references or sketch out some on my own. Several times, the things I see around me or the photos I come across find their way into my work, be it wholly or in the form of an influence (though that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang around me or bombard me with your photos to get featured in a painting :P).

Putting an idea to life is the real test of how far you’re ready to stretch your concepts. It helps to have good company or people who hold the same enthusiasm for the kind of work you do. Get plotting, be adventurous and accept even the most bizarre thoughts and explanations that come to you. These are the things that’ll help you stand out as YOU in the synchronicity of the monochrome outer world. 

Ideas grow into ideas but after a while you should let this growing take a break. Find yourself a reference, be it a muse, thing or photo, blueprint your final plan and get building. As you begin to swim deeper into your work, you will begin to relish each depth more and more. Even though you will surface sometimes for a breath of fresh air and a flash of the sun, you will find yourself going back again, deeper this time, and while going, this journey will begin to elicit its own meaning.

   "The moon stays bright when it doesn't avoid the night." - Rumi

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  1. It astonishes me how well you write! It's like you're painting a picture with your words. Now we know you have another career to fall back on in case being an artist doesn't work out. (Although I doubt that would happen.)

    Great job with the painting. I love how you added the fruits instead of leaving it an empty basket. Maybe it's just the philosopher in me talking, but it shows your glass-half-full tendency. Much appreciated!

    Although I really love the imagery you use with your words, it'd be great if you could add a more personal touch to the blog. That would help your readers form a closer bond with not just your art or your words, but you as a person. And that's a great way to make close friendships. :)

    1. Swati, Thank you SO much! Really appreciate such nice words :)
      Thanks for pointing out the personalisation bit, I will definitely pay more attention to that now ! I agree, it does make a huge difference. I love how interactive and personal your blog is!


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