The Birth of Good Ideas

11:27 pm

Let your thoughts run wild and intertwine. My idea is to capture each moment that goes unseen in the blink of an eye like a negative, in its raw untouched form.
-"Blink" Watercolor on Ivory Sheet-
Remember that rare and surprising time when your eyes lit up and you were saying, "Wow, how amazing is this!" ? I'm going to capture that moment of wonder, build it into a train and set you forward on it. 

A lot of times people ask me where my creativity comes from. A lot more times than that, I find myself looking at ideas of other people and feeling awestruck. Its confounding how we think up to 70,000 thoughts each day and yet when we witness the ideas produced by that one thought someone  had thought, we are blown away. 

So where do these ideas come from? Can YOU think about them? Honestly, not only you but also any body can, and I'm going to tell you how. 

You have to start by walking 50 flights of stairs, doing a little dance and then coming back down slowly while moving your arms and legs in opposite directions. Kidding. Bringing out ideas is way simpler than that. I'm going to start by questioning you about the gold and white dress. Wait, you think it was blue and black? Not just us but the whole world seemed to plunge into confusion and frustration with its people arguing over what in reality was a result of changing light over different perspectives though really, the dress was black and blue.

Perspective is what sets one thought apart from another. You and I see a falling apple and eat it but Newton saw the same thing and discovered gravity. So essentially, a great idea requires a good perspective, pushing yourself beyond conventional thinking and delving into the exotic world of thought ahead. The more you scoop out from a world that is unknown to you or others, the more surprising and awe-inspiring your ideas will be. 

Another way is by making good use of your senses. I like to observe, feel and hear things around me and let ideas build around them. Take in the world around you and let each place influence how you think. We grow and change as people with every thought and passing moment - let this happen to your ideas too. 

 It is my belief that not only well-read, extraordinarily experienced and seasoned people but also common laypersons can give rise to some of the best and most innovative thoughts. I would like you to break out of the shell that surrounds you and set your daring mind free to explore. Ideas will come flying to you like birds.

     "Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box." - Deepak Chopra

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  1. Lovely thoughts Purvi, indeed thought provoking.

    The entire premise of good blogging revolves around good ideas. It is nor difficult neither easy, there lies the paradox, you have beautifully put, it is in our perspectives what we carry and how we develop newer perspectives about life and living.

    Yes, these comes from how well you use your senses, the irony is that we have become very uncommon in using our common senses. Common senses matters in creativity and we should never undermine its influence. Yes, by being involved and meaningfully engaged in diverse work and interest like you do from painting to photography we trigger and tickle our senses to more proactive and passionately observe and analyze things around us. Ideas can come from any corner, our observation to imagination to inspiration, all matters in engineering our creativity and we should know how these sweet spots that are so much personal, and how it comes and where it resides.

    You have so nicely ended by stating, it is all in our mind and once we learn the art of freeing, we have our imagination flying high and to most exotic and unexplored places...keep exploring such beautiful and creative ideas and you have a wonderful world to explore in this blogosphere.

    God Bless You!!!

  2. Thank you so much for those delightful words Nihar Uncle ! It is a pleasure to have the essence of one's work captured and articulated so effectively !

    I couldn't be less agreeable on the fact that an idea is the brainchild of all things great, especially things that are born from creative minds and it does have a lot do with our senses and the feelings that thoughts arise in our minds. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions snowball to form ideas which in turn multiply to form bigger ideas and the process thus formed is a never ending one.

    One should just set their mind free to explore and to enjoy like a child on a playground. In this act of playing, there are so many untouched joys and rare areas waiting to be discovered.

    One should be daring and stop questioning every thought that comes to their mind. I'm so happy that my raw thoughts could be mirrored and taken forward so accurately and beautifully by you :)

  3. Indeed Purvi, Creativity is such a fascinating subject to deal with, the more we think the more we realize how less we know on its nuances and the different facets of Creativity.

    It is about questioning the assumptions we have been holding back, letting it go, it is about the perceptions we carry, it is about the lens we use to look at the are right, idea is the brain child of all great things. And idea can come from any quarter and any time, it is for us to be vigilant and the ability to give it the right shape and form through our choice of words. Playing with words and colours expand the scope of our creative thinking. Painting is the colours of words. For creative thinking to foster, feelings and emotions play a significant role and that's an art of combine these multiple aspects to give creativity it's space to nurture and grow.

    One of the biggest casualty as we grow is the child within, which is such an important aspect of creativity, we have to keep the child within working with us as we grow and we can see how creativity grows with it. Dabbling with different and tangential things triggers creative spots lying passive in unknown corners, breaking from the monotony and mundane things paves the way for exciting creative journey. Nothing can be more exciting than creating something totally new and something which keeps the world around us fascinated about our creative work.

    Thoughts, feelings an emotions snowball to form an idea, is a lovely way to conceptualize how ideas take shape...keep your ideas flowing and keep creating such beautiful posts.

    Happy Writing!!!

  4. Good work Purvi!


    1. Thank you so much Jyoti ! Glad you liked it :)


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